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As a Changebuster, you'll be privy to our TRUE Sustainable™ leading edge 24 hour green energy solutions - when we arrive in your area.

When do we arrive in your area? When we have 1500 households. We are great believers in leverage - the power of many. The internet is our perfect lever. By yourself you cannot negotiate a discount on your electricity bill, but together we have leverage. 

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As a Changebuster, whatever position you take - for or against - on the fence - bewildered or just plain tired of the same old same old -  you might be interested in a holistic perspective.

HOLISTIC :: with very careful work focussed on the planet as a whole - looking at it from many angles - from different perspectives in an interconnected way.

NINE ways to change perception. "What makes a healthy planet", some call it VITAL knowledge. Be inspired by Songs of Change - the edu-music-stories of Changebusters™ - and submit your story-song-link here.

For the Betterment of Mankind

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